Rebel Dove Poems

Poet Passenger pigeons taken over the Way of Horus
notify their messages along the pharaonic line

The Aquarius Section of Rebel Dove Poems has made itself free for download below.

Along the Way of Horus, rebel passenger pigeons transform military messages into poems coherent with lunar phases, unfolding and revealing the realities of Ancient Egypt. The collection’s unifying narrative elucidates the origin and successive promulgation of its comprising poems by account of a miracle that is in part natural and in part technological.

A flock of passenger pigeons transform military messages into poems on what they saw between watchtowers on the Way of Horus and Tanis. Over the course of lunar cycles in each sign of the Greek astrological calendar, doves report on the everyday magic and seasonal sadness and chaos of Ancient Egypt from a bird’s eye view.

The learned flight patterns and natural tendencies of passenger pigeons allow these birds to exploit Ancient Egypt’s communication line to notify their poems to the inhabitants of the ancient empire. Mutations occur in both medium and message when the Way of Horus is seized by rebel passenger pigeons.

These are poems composed and transported along Ancient Egypt’s communication line by rebel doves.

Sylvia flew the kite of the pigeons’ formation and directed it in response to the shock of revolution.  In this collection of poems, she renders the scribe god Thoth through the turmoil that stirs in precedence of revolution heralded in poems by passenger pigeon circulated by means of the Way of Horus.

The Aquarius Section has made itself free for download