Poet’s Statement

Miracles are the sacred world’s own art.

This is poetry by a burning dandelion, cyclically combusting away her petals and leaves. Her performative self-cremations produce ashes which fertilize the dry soil in which she thrived to nourish a tough, new crop of mane-wearing weeds in which her pyromaniacal soul’s tendencies become apparent when pyrogenesis repeats.

Sylvia Horricks is a poet who identifies miracles by rhyming on mutations in the functional mechanics of technological and natural phenomena – variants caused performatively by the synchronous, willful actions of their collaborative components.

Her poetry is consistently sacred in its rhythms; it is given by the Angel of the element earth and of the cardinal direction North: Uriel. A channeled voice for poetry associated with red light, Uriel is also the animating force of electricity.

Her artistic necessity is to be of assistance in her readers’ and listeners’ healing processes by guiding them with the messages of Uriel through sacred rhythm.

The Burning Dandelion Poet

Bio of a Firefly

Sylvia is a graduate of L’ Accademia dei Belle Arti di Roma where she studied design when she went to Italy to connect with her Italian ancestry after learning Italian by taking night classes for life-drawing in Perugia.

Her current artistic practice consists of Tree textwork, a genre in which poems are suspended from tree branches as outdoor installation. In tree textwork, the outdoor green space is similar to a background illustration while the character of the trees give hand-written poems a font.

Sylvia seeks to identify aspects of ancient Egyptian cultural imagery as relatedly appear in modern life, accessible within the reaches of the contemporary imagination.

Firefly Portrait by Kyrani Kanavaros